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An autodialer is a device often used by direct marketers in order to be able to increase the number of people that they can reach in one day by phone. Some autodialers are completely automated while others are partially automatic. The ones that are completely automated do not require a human to dial the number, but instead these numbers are dialed automatically throughout the day.

Autodialer activation

Often recordings are left on people’s answering machines if they are either not home or do not want to answer an unknown call. These autodialers can play even if someone picks up the phone as well. Many times autodialers there will respond in delayed time if a customer picks up the phone. However, in some cases these autodialers can respond in real time as well.

Autodialers are often voice activated. When they hear a voice, the message that is played on an autodialing system will start. Then, the caller can usually either listen, hang up the phone, or not answer the call at all. The autodialing system of direct marketing has the disadvantage that many people do not respond to the call; however, it helps direct marketers also reach more people in a short period of time.

Incoming calls

Auto dialers can sometimes respond to incoming calls as well. These systems are designed to answer a customer’s call and then respond to the customer’s voice responses. These systems are usually set in place when a customer is placed on hold to wait for an operator or when a business is not open.

Autodialers can be used to sell a product, advertising a political campaign, or for the purpose of soliciting donations. These can be less threatening that telemarketing calls because the recipient has the choice not to respond to the machine if that person picks up the phone when it rings. However, companies are less likely to actually get an immediate response from prospective calls this way.