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Audio-Visual technology is a mechanism for the simultaneous transmission of images or video and sound. It can be used for education as well as entertainment.


An audio-visual presentation can consist of slides or video. Digital content can also be used in the form of a PowerPoint presentation or a photo slideshow program. The audio component is sometimes introduced with the assistance of a separate audio player. In the past, the audio track and the slide projector would be synchronized with the assistance of a magnetic tape. Today, computers often serve this function. Many consumer grade photo-storage programs have a "slideshow" function, which incorporates a chosen audio track into the visual presentation. Video display technology and digital projectors allow images and video to be put on a large monitor or projected on a screen directly from a computer.


These multimedia presentations are usually used in computer training or other training programs. Scholars and scientists also use this technology to present the results of their latest research findings, or to make educational project proposals. Teachers use audio-visual technology to teach their students about various subjects, especially the sciences, the arts, and Life Skills. In the corporate world, multimedia skills are essential for showcasing creative and innovative business ideas to supervisors. The technology can also be used for entertainment purposes, by artists showing their work, and by families sharing photos and video of vacations and other memorable events.