Asian psychology

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The psychology of a people can be understood only when their culture, myths and beliefs are comprehended. It cannot be expected then that different races with their unique traditions and systems of beliefs can be analyzed psychologically using just one set of parameters and so ΄΄΄Asian psychology```has emerged as a branch of ethnic psychology.

This branch of psychology takes psychological concepts and applies them to Asian culture, which is considered different from the Western culture in that it is more family oriented. This means that therapy in order to be successful should probably be based less on the individual and more on the family unit as a whole.

Considering that Asian American is the fastest growing ethnic group in the US, and an increasingly large segment of the population in countries like the UK and Australia, then the need for an understanding of the culture and its unique psychological needs is evident.

Diverse cultures

Within the construct of Asian psychology, it must also be understood that the Asian community is not just one entity but is made up of diverse racial, ethnic and cultural identities, some of which may be as different from another as to a western culture. A major branch within ethnic psychology is that of Philippine psychology which is studied in some Universities as part of the course. It looks at the Philippine culture as a whole, taking into account its peculiarities, superstitions and rituals.

Abnormal psychology

In the area of abnormal psychology, several conditions seem to arise that can be a result specifically of the Asian culture. The Malaysian mood disorder, Sudden death in adults, the evil eye and the Philippine voodoo are examples of this.