Anti-aging cream

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Anti-aging cream is marketed as a product that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of one’s skin.


These products are heavily marketed on television and in magazines and newspapers. The target market has traditionally been toward women, however in the recent years products that target men are being sold as a part of men’s grooming and skin care regimen. This is due to men’s increasing shift toward an emphasis on their looks since some men believe that it is easier for younger men to get an attractive job offer. It has also been socially acceptable for men to be more concerned about their looks.

Advertisements for L’Oreal’s “Wrinkle De-Crease” product line claims that surgery can wait. This product is marketed as containing Boswellox, which is a chemical taken from the Boswellia plant.

Popular products

Some popular brands include:

  • Zirth
  • Biotherm
  • L’Oreal

Anti-aging cream is seen as an alternative to other, more expensive, solutions like plastic surgery and botox injections.

Products that contain retinol are believed to be the most effective, since retinol has been shown in some formulations to rejuvenate the skin. Supporters also claim that alpha hydroxide acids are effective, but the effectiveness of these compounds depends on their concentration and method of application.


Some people believe that manufacturers pray on the fears of women in their advertisements and marketing. They say that the manufacturers abuse science by making unsupported claims that the products are scientifically proven to work

Often women who state the products are effective may be experiencing the placebo effect: They have purchased and used the product and thereby believe that they appear younger to others. Critics believe that no real scientific proof backs up these claims.