Annabelle Rankin

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Dame Annabelle Jane Mary Rankin (née Wilson) came from a family involved in politics in Queensland. She lived from July 28, 1908 until August 30, 1986. Rankin’s achievements over her life included being the first woman from Queensland to be in the Parliament of Australia, appointed as opposition whip in the Senate in 1951, to gain appointment as the head of a foreign mission and to have a federal portfolio. She was also only the second female member of the Australian Senate. Ranking also participated in the CWA, YWCA, Girl Guides and the Red Cross.

Rankin’s first election to the senate happened in 1946. She first served as representative of the Queensland Liberal-Country Party beginning on July 1, 1947.. On January 26, 1966 she became the Minister for Housing, upon appointment by Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt. In 1971 and was made High Commissioner to New Zealand, a position she maintained from the time that she resigned from the government, until 1974. When she retired, she continued her philanthropic efforts and interest in serving volunteer organizations.

The Rankin Electoral Division was named after her, as a tribute to all of her efforts.