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An Analyst is a person or tool that has the main function in analysis of information. Its analysis is one that has more limited and practical functions in comparison to a researcher.


The most common analyst types are:

  • Financial Analyst – he deals with financial problems and his job is to write reports on different companies that are considered for covering, he needs to assess its potential and in most cases he will summarize all the analysis with one word like buy, sell, hold and so on. He is consulted in different situations that need financial assessment.
  • Industry Analyst – he is an analyst that covers one particular industry, without getting involved in others. He will usually analyze the market and not other financial statements that a financial advisor would provide.
  • Business Analyst (or Systems Analyst) – he is an individual that has a big responsibility on his shoulders because of the fact that he needs to analyze the business needs of an individual or company with the purpose of identifying problems and providing solutions.
  • Psychoanalyst – and individual that uses psychoanalysis with a variety of purposes. In most cases he is hired to treat a person of a mental disease and the techniques he uses are very complex.
  • Color Analyst (or Color commentator) – he is a member of a broadcasting team of a sporting event and assists the play-by-play announcer whenever a play is not underway.