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Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands; it was founded in the late 12th century as a small fishing village. It is now the largest city of the Netherlands and is a financial and cultural center. The overall population of Amsterdam is around 1.5 million.



Amsterdam is famous for having the most museums that contain some of the most precious artifacts of the old world. Some of these museums are the van Gogh museum, the Rembrandt house museum, the end for Singe house and the steely museum.

Red light district

They're also famous for having the red light district where the oldest profession is still being performed by the most skilled women in this profession. It is recommended that if you go to the red light district to please leave your camera at home or at your hotel for it is considered to be a major offense to take pictures of the women for their clients.

Coffee shops

Other places that are hot spots are their coffee shops that sell marijuana legally. It is recommended that if you smoke the marijuana you do it either at your hotel or at the friend's house. It is considered not only rude but also stupid to smoke this in public. It is not consider wise to be walking around where there is 60% of the population riding on bicycles, taxis, and also a tram system in full service. There have been accidents in the past with people stumbling around stoned and not paying attention to these potential dangers.

World class symphony

Amsterdam is also the home base for the Concertgebouworkest which is a world class symphony orchestra. This orchestra has been heard throughout the world and who have gained world class recognition. Their base of operations is the incredible concertgebouw, which is a symphony hall that is considered to be one of the three greatest in the world.


Amsterdam is also known for having some of the most beautiful scenery outside of the city, it is ideal for hiking and camping. During the spring and summer months, Amsterdam and the surrounding area is covered in beautiful colorful tulips. These flowers are normally had earned in such a fashion to make them look like works of art.


You may rent a car, but with only a couple of kilometers of paved road it would be wiser to travel like those that are native to Amsterdam. Many of these people either use walking, the transit system, or most commonly bicycles. There are numerous bicycle rental shops throughout all of the Amsterdam.


Because of the Amsterdam's location they typically have more mild weather although it is not unheard of to have freezing winters. This summer's are normally mild and ideal for outdoors. When they do get rain, though, it will usually come for a course of a couple days. In most places this would kill a vacation, but in Amsterdam that is not the case. Many of the people of Amsterdam actually have a variety of things that can be done indoors as well as outdoors.