From ArticleWorld is one of the most popular web sites today. Many people do not realize that behind it stands a company named, INC that has even quotations in NASDAQ. It was one of the first online stores in the world and is now one of the few that survived and evolved. INC also owns, and the Internet Movie Database.

History was launched in 1995 as an online bookstore. Its founder quickly understood the fact that an online bookstore is much better than a real one. This is because a simple one can not have as many books as a virtual store. The possibilities of adding more titles to the lists were endless and led to its evolution.


The internet is quickly changing speeds and it was clear that needed to change as well. The company went through several rough periods (where many e-companies went bankrupt) and survived. came with a new long-term perspective regarding profit. In a time where everybody wanted quick profit this company thought differently. They fought to make a name for themselves and only started making big profit after several years. The original online bookstore changed and implemented new products. At the moment sells books, DVDs, CDs, electronics, tools, toys, food, jewelry, watches, musical instruments, videos, software, video games and many more products are present on the catalog. By Combining this with the highly popular feature of review sending (users can post details about the bought products) the result is much more than a supermarket. can be compared with a small town because it presents all the shops it has and even more. The company had a powerful strategy behind it when it came to evolution. In a succession of investments and well thought deals it bought sites and companies that were successful. They were implemented in the company and profit started to add up. Examples can be given in: Alexa Internet,,, and many more.