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The craving for alcohol which is caused by alcoholism is considered severe. They need for alcohol is considered to be so dire that the person is willing to do virtually anything and in some extreme cases began results can be death.

The cost of the craving that alcohol causes has been largely debated. Some of the most common beliefs are that's alcohol is: a chemical or nutritional imbalance and urological effect caused by runaway learning mechanisms, the inability to curb one's own desire for enjoyment, and genetic predisposition. In the process of trying to determine what alcoholism is, both the medical and scientific communities are still at a standstill.

There are some that believe that alcoholism is really a biological disease. Currently, more are willing to believe that the problems from this addiction are based on a biological basis. They believe this only at the word disease is attached to the problem. Otherwise, they believe is a problem of weak willpower or lack of moral character.

Many people believe that this truly is not a disease, that's not a physical problem, and that it doesn't require the same immediate attention as diseases that are known to man.

Impact on family

Alcoholism can cause people to steal, lie, and betray those that they love the most. This disease has destroyed more families and wrecked more lives than some of the most dangerous viruses known to man.


Their support groups and places that offer services to help people overcome this addiction. The major concern, however, is that there's nothing that can be truly done to curb the withdraws of quitting this horrible addiction.

The other problem is that once you are addicted, the addiction shall haunt you for the rest of your life. It is for this reason that their support groups for those that are not only overcoming this addiction, but have already quit drinking.