Alan Vega

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Alan Vega was born in 1948 within the confines of Brooklyn, New York. He started out as a visual artist and didn’t touch music as a whole until the 1970’s. During this time he was a part of the post punk genre and used his knowledge to further past the confines of the post punk to establish himself after the band Suicide disbanded.


Light Sculptures

Alan Vega started his visual arts as a mean of creating "light sculptures." Using his popularity base he eventually opened his owner lower Manhattan gallery which became a stomping ground for bands such as New York Dolls, Blondie, Television, and the 15 piece jazz group Reverend B. Reverend B and Vega soon began working together and formed the band Suicide. This was a fusion of Rev’s excellent keyboarding skills and Vega’s rock ability snarl that has been compared to some as a hard variation of Hard rock Elvis.


This post punk paved the way for many electronic bands of the future. Like all good things, it wasn’t to last, in 1980 they parted ways and Vega focused on his aspirations of being a solo artist.


Vega released a self titled album in 1980 and another album, collision drive, in 1981. These explored a fractured variant of Rock music and developed an identity that he had been forming suicide and now had set with these two albums.

Elektra Records

In 1983, he created Saturn Strip and this was produced by longtime fan, Ric Ocasek. This was his debut for Elektra Records, but would be his only one for them as it all soured and during his next album the attempted to remove him from his own studio sessions. In the end he would go and pursue his own work on his own terms.


Since Elektra he has released six albums and is still going strong he has been in numerous labels and has still jump ship when the need has been there. His key drive isn’t the fans or the money, but to devotion to his music. This is a trait that he reveres and many of his fans have loved.