African American

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African American was a term that started in the early 1980’s yet was started by the late Malcolm X. It was a label that he had hoped would turn the attention away from labels like Negro or Black.

An African American is defined as someone who is a United States Citizen or resident that is black in color, and English-speaking.


Population Density

The bulk of the African American population lives in the southeastern portion of the United States, although there is a thin blanket of them throughout the United State.


Through the course of United States history one factor can be seen. African American’s culture has been an influence in most areas. In music, they were the heart of Jazz, early Rock and Roll, R and B, rap, and even now with Hip Hop.

Much of what was a separate culture has melded with the general culture at large.

Slave Triangle

During the colonial times, many English came to the Americas as indentured servants. Which is where English couldn’t pay their own way and had to be servants to have their way paid for them by another, more financially stable.

When the servitude was done, the need was still there so Native Americans were next used as slaves, especially in the Southern colonies. They didn’t seem able to handle the heavy workload. The solution was introduced by Dutch traders who traded black slaves for cotton, this was but one leg in the slave triangle of that time.

Civil War in a nutshell

Lines were drawn as to when blacks really were. In the south they were viewed as property, in the north they were viewed as individuals with rights. This would nearly destroy the United States, and in the end it was the north that won.

Civil Rights

The Civil War gave freedom, but no rights. It was the Civil Rights movement that would cause this to happen over the course of two hundred years. Even now the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, JR sign ring, yet there are still areas were separation occurs.