Advertising campaign

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An advertising campaign (a.k.a. ad campaign) is a promotional program which involves the act of distributing series of ads. These ads are displayed and/or aired within a specific period of time.

The most common purpose of an advertising campaign is to introduce a new product or service and to increase the sales of an existing product or service. This is usually one by way of newspaper, internet, television, and radio ad campaigns.

Ad Themes

The most important aspect of creating a new advertising campaign is to determine the campaign theme. These themes will become the recurring message being sent out to consumers after the new ad campaign is launched. Campaign themes can be designed for use over a long period of time, or they can be set just for a limited time only.

Themes of ad campaigns involve the use of specific colors, designs, slogans, and advertising text. The themes center around ideas relevant to the particular product or service being promoted.

Ad campaign duration

The duration of an ad campaign all depends on how long a particular product, service or idea can be marketed for. For example, ads for computers and software systems can be promoted year round, because a customer can benefit from the use of these products all year round. The same applies for household items such as laundry detergent, macaroni and cheese, or even pet foods.

However, trying to sell Christmas ornaments in the spring or Valentine's Day cards in June will only be a waste of money. Therefore, some advertisements will have themes that are used year round, while others have short lived themes that are only used one season out of the year.

Effective ads

The key to effective ad campaign planning is to design when to start marketing a particular product, service, idea, or company. In addition, the theme must be relevant to what is being advertised.

An example of an ineffective at would be if a TV commercial rambled on while showing a beautiful scenic mountainside tourist spot and then announce its award-winning plaque killing toothpaste. Ad scenes that are unrelated to the product being sold are very confusing.

Therefore, when choosing an advertising theme, it is best to choose one that both fits the time of year that the product should be sold, as well as the product being advertised. Effective ad campaigns are the key to a company's success.