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Advergaming is the use of video games, especially computer games to promote a company, product, service, organization or viewpoint. Usually these games are offered online by a website to encourage users to spend more time at that site. They can also be used as free trials for gaming sites.

Free trials

If advergaming is used to promote a video game website, often free trials of games are made available for a consumer to take advantage of. This helps build confidence in the online video game company, in hopes that if a person enjoys the free trial that person will buy the full version of the game from that game site.

Sometimes a video game company will also offer a free cash account often in the amount of five dollars or greater. This method is often used for online betting and contests, where people usually wager fifty cents (or sometimes less) and on up. This encourages people to see how the site works, and builds consumer confidence in the ability to win money from that game site. In moderation this can be a useful advertising tool.

Social and political advergaming

Another form of advergaming includes the practice of introducing a game to raise public awareness of a social, political, or educational issue. An example would be the America’s Army game to help recruit new members into the U.S. Army, or the game Food Force to educate people which is made by the UN World Food Program.