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In 1928 several medical breakthroughs have been done. Alexander Fleming invented the penicillin and for the first time ever an iron lung is used with success in Boston. Besides that several natural disasters killed numerous people and both the Summer and the Winter Olympics were held.

Important Events

  • The Thames River flood caused 14 victims on the 6th and 7th of January.
  • The Winter Olympics held in Switzerland open on the 11th of February and on the 28th of July the Summer Olympics open in Amsterdam.
  • The first television license was released on the 25th of February by the Federal Radio Commission. The holder was Charles Jenkins Laboratories, located in Washington DC.
  • Following his Trans-Atlantic flight the year before, Charles Lindbergh was awarded the Medal of Honor on the 21st of March.
  • The 22nd of April was a dark day in Corinth. 200,000 of its buildings were destroyed by an earthquake
  • The largest hailstone in the world falls in Potter, Nebraska on the 6th of July
  • June 20 – During a meeting of the Yugoslavian parliament, Punica Rasic shoots 3 members of the opposition and injures others.
  • 16th of June – The president of Mexico, Alvaro Obregon was assassinated by Toral Leon.
  • September 3rd – A major break through in modern medicine is given by Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin.
  • The Okeechobee Hurricane hits Florida on the 16th of September killing more than 2,500 people.
  • October 12 – For the first time in medical history a successful use of the iron lung was recorded in Boston, at the Children’s Hospital
  • Republican Herbert Hoover won the United States of America presidential election on the 6th of November, beating Alfred E. Smith by a small number of votes.

Dates of Birth

Several world renowned personalities, actors and Nobel Prize laureates were born in 1928. Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez was born on the 6th of March and he ended was to become a Nobel Prize laureate. James D. Watson (April 6) would win a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, American mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. (13th of June) the Nobel Prize in Economics, Elie Wiesel (30th of September), a Romanian survivor of the holocaust the Nobel Peace Prize and microbiologist Daniel Nathans the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Famous historical figure Ariel Sharon, (future Prime Minister of Israel) was also born in 1928 on the 27th of February. Famous actors, musicians and people that were going to be involved in politics also feature on the dates of birth of the year.