Soccer game

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Soccer bring lovely memories, excitement and thoughts that within us. When the world is enthralled with the Football World Cup - yes, I call it football, because I am under the impression that it's the only real "foot" ball game. Just imagine, please, the high number of people who are tuning in to cheer for their country - if they have gone through to the higher rounds, compete on the stage of the highest stakes sporting tournament the world can offer. The great thing is that all places hold some interest in this competition. It is something important from Australia to South America, from Europe through Asia to the United States of America.

Think of, if you will, the love of the supporters of these countries, when they score a point to either give them the better position in a particular match, or even more heart-stopping, the winning goal in the final of the World Cup!

Other kinds of footballs

OK, now that we're excited about that, consider that, sadly, there are people on this earth who have little or almost no interest in The World Championships of Football or the thrills that lead us to it. The type to whom I refer, are those that seek the pleasure of the other "football" codes on offer in this extremely diverse world of ours.

We have different other codes of football played internationally. The United States have their own particular style and in other nations, Rugby League and Rugby Union are followed with extreme passion, the latter reaching euphoric status in territories like New Zealand. There is another method of football played in Australia called Australian Rules football, lovingly referred to as "footy", although I tend to overlook this game as sort of a novelty sport. This is because it not often played worldwide and is practically impossible to be compared favorably to the other codes as a spectacle, mainly because of administration's lack of foresight. That is not really meant to say that it doesn't have a loyal following.

Let me state this first of all - whichever of the ball games is your most favored, fine. I can cope with that. It's just the way in which you refer to your sport that I find somewhat wrong. I have been around criticism of football - the true football I mean - making stabs about the ballet-style heading prowess of the players and the acting abilities of some of its professional participants and, there are times that, I agree with that.

Soccer is football

But, facts are facts, concrete and irrefutable. Soccer is the only football code that depends on the use and skill of the feet for its players. The word, all of you readers, is football.

In all the other aforementioned codes, about ninety percent of the time, the ball is held by the players' hands. OK so they kick it on occasion - very occasionally in the US method. Therefore, there can be an argument for not calling that specific code "football" at all - when you consider that they only call someone onto the field as one whose specialty is to actually kick the ball; to either make the start to a game or make additional "bonus" scoring points to a team's total.

Enough is really enough. I could go on until the end of time. Don't think we could ever get the message to a court of law with this one, because everyone will be prepared with their opinions about their favorites, but I figure I've given a considerable argument for Soccer being the absolute sole Football.