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Recruitment takes place to find candidates to fill a particular job or role. Recruiters, employment agencies or a member of the company’s staff may engage in recruitment, depending on the size and the scope of the company (and the degree of the job search).

Recruitment process

Typically recruitment (regardless of who is conducting it) will begin with advertising, either on the Internet or in the classified section of a newspaper or trade magazine. Some employment agencies that operate out of a storefront will list tempting jobs in their windows to draw in passive job seekers. If a job would be appealing to currently unemployed individuals, jobs may be posted at a job center.

A recruiter will assess a candidate’s suitability by taking into account job requirements. Typical assessment involves communication, typing and computer skills along with any qualifications that are unique to a job (knowledge of software systems, for example). Candidates may be asked to take a test to prove their competency at any number of required skills. Candidates are typically also assessed via an interview (usually first with the recruiter and than with the potential immediate supervisor and upper management of the company).

Other uses

  • Recruitment is used to define recruiting members of most military branches. Those who enlist in the military often do so at a recruitment office.
  • Not related to employment, recruitment can be used when describing cults and their desire to increase the number of human members.
  • The term “old boy network” refers to recruitment through social and business connections.