Pub Sports

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Pub sports include games like darts, billiards and skittles. Unlike parlor games, and games of chance, pub sports require physical exertion, coordination and dexterity. Many of these games started out of doors, bur were adapted and mnodified for indoor play.


  • Darts – Many variations of darts are still played today.
  • Billiards – Games like 8-ball, 9-ball and snooker are popular examples of billiard games.
  • Bowls – Also known as lawn bowling, bowls is related to bocce and petanque.
  • Skittles – A target sport, skittles is the sport from which ten-pin, and candlepin, bowling originates. A table top version is played in pubs.
  • Quoits – Another traditional lawn game, quoits is closely related to horseshoes. The indoor version of quoits is often calles, rings.
  • Shovelboard – Shuffleboard and shove ha’penny are both shovelboard-type games.
  • Eclectic games – A variety of games fall into this category, including ringing the bull, aunt sally and pitch penny. Some of these games, or variations of them, are still played today.

Many of these games are still played today, and equipment can be purchased online, for use in the home as well as a pub. Many make great conversation starters and party games. For many of the games, different equiment is available, depending whether it will be played in or out of doors. Giant versions of many of these games are also available.