Permanent makeup

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Permanent makeup is a cosmetic procedure that involves tattooing or permanently pigmenting the dermis of the skin through micro-injection so that a woman doesn’t have to wear as much makeup. Generally the permanent makeup mimics the makeup the woman generally wears and, in some cases, is indistinguishable from regular makeup.



Common sites for the application of permanent makeup are the eyelids (for eye shadow), the eye line (to mimic eye liner) and the eyebrows (to mimic eyebrow liners). The technique can also be used to add color to the cheeks and to provide permanent lipstick on the lips.


The appearance of permanent makeup depends greatly on the skill and artistry of the tattooist. Unless there is some kind of allergic reaction to the pigment or in cases, such as loss of actual hair on the eyebrows, the permanent makeup looks fairly realistic. Women can choose to apply other colors of makeup over the top of their permanent makeup to enhance their appearance even more.


Permanent makeup is performed similarly to regular tattooing. The skin is prepared with an antiseptic and the pigments and shape of the makeup is chosen. Using an instrument that injects small amounts of the pigment under the skin, the dye is gradually added to the skin to mimic the makeup appearance the customer desires. The area is often scabbed and prone to infection afterward so that the application of antibiotic ointment is recommended for several days later.


The removal of any kind of tattooing, including permanent makeup, is difficult. It involves the use of laser that penetrates the upper layers of the skin and breaks down the pigment so that it is eventually absorbed by the body. Often, several treatments are necessary to remove the pigment.