Nail polish

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Nail polish is a cosmetic product that improves the appearance of fingernails and toenails.


History of nail polish

Historic records indicate that some form of nail polish was used in ancient societies in both China and Egypt. It is believed that it was popular in these societies because color signified social class.


Nail polish originally was made of natural pigments. Today, however it is made in a manner similar to car paint. A nail polish remover (containing acetone) is required to remove today’s nail polish.


Nail polish is typically worn by women but recently teenage boys have been known to wear it.

Many women grown their fingernails long in order to coat them with nail polish. Toes, however, are typically kept short (but still painted with nail polish, usually to match the color on one’s fingers). In most cultures, red and pink shades of nail polish represent femininity and thereby make the nail polish wearer appear more (in theory) sexually attractive. Colors, however, come in every shade imaginable.

People can choose a generic color, or decide to paint their nails to match clothes (specifically when in costume or on special occasions). At collegiate athletic events, it is not uncommon to see the women (and in some cases the men) with nails painted or decorated with polish denoting their favorite team’s colors.

It can be applied as part of a manicure.

Types of nail polish

There are nail polishes to create a variety of effects, including those to aid nail growth, improve the strength of nails and to prevent nail biting. There are also glow-in-the-dark nail polishes available; these are particularly popular at Halloween time.