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MMORPG is the abbreviation for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. These games are indeed just giant worlds were thousands of people logged on to the net can play simultaneously. The setting is usually a fantasy world that features magic and dragons and the like, but there have been thriving worlds that take place in space, in the future, and even in the Star Wars genre. The notion behind the game is that you construct a character in this world that is very strong in some skill, be it a medic, a trader, a fighter, a magic user, or perhaps even a thief; and set out to make a name for yourself.


A new Gaming World

Players will usually start out without knowing each other. They will play through some introductory tutorials that will both establish the various play elements, as well as encircle the player with other players in the same scenario. Novice players will find themselves wanting to group up together to take on equivalent tasks or missions and in the process, create friendships. These players can then pursue each others' friendship out in the future, to continue on other ventures.

No end to the game

You might be asking, "Well, what's the goal? Does the game end?"

And that is where the angle of the MMORPG is: there isn't an ending. Players will persistently strive to better their skills in the game, be it by working on detailed skills, or through gaining experience in the world to gain levels, thus growing stronger. Growing stronger then grants players access into more difficult areas, which has higher quality items, which allows the player to then upgrade their character. This cycle repeats itself a lot of times times over in the life of a player's career in an MMORPG and it's up to the certain games to make that process both rewarding and fun.

Player interaction

However, the true catch to these games isn't necessarily in character power, but instead, in the actual human interaction between players. Keep in mind, most of the characters you will discover in these worlds are living human beings just like you and thus friendships can be made. You may regularly find yourself grouping with people who have matching interests and creating real-life friendships through the game. The fables you are able to tell based on your ventures are often epic in scale and usually are pretty memorable.

It is the human element of the MMORPG that parts it from the single player alternative. Being able to have an impact on another person by helping them live when they needed help, setting a group of slaves free with the help of your friends, or taking on a dragon with a complete stranger are all things that have a great impression on everyone involved.

Game excitement

So the next time you hear people talking about worlds or missions they were on, take a listen not only to what they're relaying, but listen also to their excitement about it. The ordeals in these worlds are very real and that is what makes all the difference.