Macaroni and cheese

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Macaroni and cheese has been famous by the company Kraft and its distribution of the boxed meal that only requires butter, milk, water, and contents.

The name

Macaroni and cheese is sometimes called a number of other names. In the United Kingdom it is called macaroni cheese, and a slang term in the United States is Mac’N’Cheese. For a period of time Kraft played on this and was referring the meal as Cheese and Macaroni. It was a drew attention to the meal, but had a confusing effect on children.

Another name that has begun to surface is Macaroni and Orange. This is due to the processed cheese’s color. This name was to draw attention to the industrial nature of the boxed version. Crayola even commemorated a color to this and added to their vast collection of crayon colors.

From the box

The means of making it from the box are faily simple. One puts the elbow macaroni into boiling water and lets it cook until it is soft. Then the water is drained and the chedder processed cheese is added with butter and milk to the noodles. This is mixed and that is it. It is ready to be consumed.


A large number of items can be added to macaroni and cheese. Common items are tuna, hamburger, ham, bacon, real cheese, peas, green beans, corn, sliced hot dogs, tomatoes, and pretty much anything else. Macaroni and cheese is a good base to add additional items to.

Some people use this boxed meal as a base for making items such as casseroles or even in making items such as other dishes and using the noodles for the dish and the cheese as a topping. It is a cheap means to making a dinner since you are using one or two boxes as the base for the meal instead of having to get all the individual ingredients that the box contains.