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The word lyrics is used when referring to the words in a song. It does not matter what genre the music belongs to or how many words it has in it. Every song that has words in it has lyrics.


The word “Lyric” originates from Greece. Originally, a lyric was a song that was sung with the help of a lyre. Eventually the term was also used to describe a subjective, personal point of view in literature. I.E. lyric poems. Lyric was used for the first time to describe the words of a song in 1876. The plural of word, lyrics, was then used to describe the words of more than one song. Nowadays we are using the term “lyrics” to describe the both the words in one song or in more songs.


Lyrics can be used as material in academic studies. This is because music has always been a very powerful tool to send a message to the people. Lyrics are analyzed and studies in some universities because of different aspects from message delivered to the binding it has to the music itself. The musicality of the words has been debated for a long time and different people not present similar ideas as to what kind of lyrics go best with a song.