Link popularity

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Link popularity has grown in importance in recent years in ranking the popularity of a Web site. It has become an important technique in search engine optimization and has been proven to be effective. Basically, link popularity operates on the “he who has the most toys wins” theory. In other words, the more links a Web site has pointing to it the more popular they are, thus resulting in higher rankings among search engines and directories.

Linking campaigns

The process of harvesting incoming links to increase link popularity is referred to as a linking campaign and can be an arduous task. It involves writing and sending numerous emails to different Web sites and asking them to provide an incoming link from their Web site to another Web site. When sending emails, it is important not to send a boilerplate link request with a generic subject heading that could easily be mistaken as spam by email filters. Sending an email that shows the Webmaster that their Web site has actually been viewed by human eyes is the best way to gain their support in providing an incoming link.

Quality vs. quantity

To have a successful linking campaign, it is important to target Web sites that are related to the Web site that is being linked to, otherwise, the incoming link won’t be counted. So, a Web site that specializes in customizing cars would want to request an incoming link from other Web sites that also specialize in customizing cars rather than from a Web site that customizes tractors. Having incoming links from reputable Web sites also helps validate the validity of the Web site that is requesting incoming links. Not only is quantity important in link popularity, but also quality.