How to stay at home and be a good parent

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To stay at home and be a good parent is a choice that many new parents make to value the chance to share the developmental accomplishments of their child. They are also guided by the knowledge that theirs is probably the best care that their child can get and in most cases they are right. Many working parents argue that the child needs socializing which it gets in day care but if a parent wants to stay home and look after the child there is no better alternative to that. Here are some handy hints to become a better stay at home parent.

A few suggestions

  1. The first and the foremost advantage of staying home to look after the baby is the bonding that takes place between the baby and the parent. The parent may need to live on a budget (till the child grows up a little) but the sacrifice is worth every minute.
  2. The child feels more secure with a parent. Having the mother or the father around most of the time in his/ her infancy, works wonders for the child’s confidence even later.
  3. Chalk a routine out for you and the children for the whole day as early as possible. This will help you maintain your equilibrium and keep things under control.
  4. Wake up a little earlier than your children so that you have some time to yourself before the routine hits you.
  5. All children were born complete with little differences even though they share parents. Treat each child differently according to these differences.
  6. Let the children help in the house work. Make it fun activity for the most part. It will take time for them to do things without making a mess but they will learn give them time and have patience..


  • Get lots of rest and eat well and exercise. In fact do not neglect your health at all. The children depend on you to look after them.
  • Remember to say sorry to the children if you have lost your temper with them, they will learn to do the same.


  • Don’t compare yourself or your children to other parents or their children. Everyone in this world is different.
  • Be patient with yourself and you will manage just fine.