How to make a new friend

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To Make a New Friend requires you to begin by having an open mind and an open heart and the rest will follow naturally. It is said that everyone should have at least one good friend in life but it is always good to have lots of friends. To some people the knack of making friends comes easily, to others it is learned art. You just need to decide why you want someone to be a friend of yours and adopt some of the helpful hints mentioned below and you will soon succeed in making friends.

A few thumb rules

  1. Begin by assessing your reason for wanting some one to be your friend. The very basis of your reasoning is wrong if the reason is that they are rich or famous.
  2. Have faith in your intuition and believe your heart, it rarely goes wrong. A person may be good looking and rich but he / she may not a be good human being or not have anything in common with you, such people would not make good friends even though they seem to have everything going for them.
  3. The quickest way to make a friend is to smile. People who smile appear friendly to others and thus make friends faster.
  4. Be friendly and open to new ideas when you first meet a person. Do not start your acquaintance by arguing or being offensive/ defensive about your beliefs. Indeed you can start by saying nice things about a new person that you meet, compliment them on their clothes or their way of dealing with a difficult situation and you will immediately find yourself liked.
  5. Listen more, talk less. Ask your new friends about themselves - casual everyday questions, nothing too private which makes then uneasy, and listen attentively when they answer.


  • Be normal, act naturally and behave in a conventional manner. Simplicity attracts people more than ostentation.
  • Show respect always, it is one way to get respect back.


  • Don’t try to attract attention by cracking loud jokes or making profound statements.
  • Don’t shrug your shoulders when you are asked a question because nothing stops a conversation quicker than a rude indifferent shrug.