How to cope with depression connected with moving house

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To Cope with Depression Connected with Moving House coupled with the physical exhaustion of the change can be a lonely and a traumatic experience. It is especially difficult to leave friendly neighbors, old friends and even familiar territory which all add up to make the whole business a distressing event. Following a certain set of ideas can help in reducing the stress and overcoming the depression.

A few suggestions

  1. Put your house in order as soon as you can, once things are in place and you have some kind of a routine you are bound to feel more cheerful.
  2. Get to know your new neighbors. Remember that they may or may not go on to become your best friends but it is always a good policy to be on good terms with your neighbors. You may drop in at their house to let them know that you have moved in the neighborhood or better still, get a few announcement cards and send these to your neighbors to let them know about yourself.
  3. You can also invite the neighbors (using the announcement cards) home for tea or coffee and cookies, for just a chat and a getting-to know-each-other session. Keep it short and simple and preferably during the day.
  4. Work in your yard and front garden, dig the soil, lay out the flower beds, this way also you may get to see and greet your immediate neighbors as well as bring up your garden.
  5. If you still have difficulty fighting the blues, go for a run or a jog or even a walk. Greet people whom you meet on the way and smile at them, most times it is therapeutic.
  6. Join the local gym, club or organizations where you can meet people who share the same interests as you.


  • Be positive and upbeat and try to merge in as quickly as possible, it is the quickest way to lose your blues.


  • Don’t forget your old friends. If you are still in the same city then get together from time to time. If you have moved to a different state or town, plan vacations together.
  • Don’t wait for neighbors to make the first move, it may never come. Be proactive, go out and make friends.