How to care for a laptop

From ArticleWorld

Nowadays, laptops are getting more and more solid in spite of their low space. Sure, it may be a while before they get as solid as the Osbourne-1, but you surely do not want to carry one of those with you. Nevertheless, laptops still need some caring, and some precautions when using. Here are a few tips for keeping your laptop or notebook computer safe.

  1. Liquids and computers are not friends, unless the label of the liquid's bottle says otherwise. Cleaning solutions designed especially for computers are the only ones that should touch them. Anything else, like water, soda or beer should not touch it.
  2. Take care of the LCD monitor (in some cases, it is the most expensive part of the computer). Do not scratch it, do not apply pressure on it and under no circumstances hold the computer from its LCD display instead of its base.
  3. Take care when plugging devices. Do not expect plugs to go into sockets immediately, but if a gentle push is not enough, it is very possible that you are trying to connect the plug to a wrong socket. Double-check them. A plug is designed so that it only gets into one kind of socket.
  4. Do not expose the computer to sudden temperature changes. If you have a bag for it, use it.