How to be a cool modern parent

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To be a cool modern parent is a better option than not being clued in to what your child thinks and talks about with his/ her peers. For the last few generations children have been steadily growing apart from their parents. More and more parents are finding it difficult to cope with the pressure of raising kids as well as holding a job with the result that the modern more or less raises itself. If you as a parent want to become a part of your child’s life you need to understand him/her and also them to enter your world. Here are some helpful hints that will assist you to not cause embarrassment to your child.

A few suggestions

  1. If you have been dressing in the fashion of the previous century then take this opportunity to revamp your wardrobe and give it a new look. You don’t need to go overboard and get clothes that your teenager would be happy to own. Instead buy some flattering tees and jeans or smart skirts which look good on you and do not cause your youngster to take refuge behind the nearest car when you go to fetch him from school.
  2. Learn their language. The lingo that the modern teen uses is way beyond the comprehension of his/ her parents and if you need to tune in you need to pay attention to how and what they talk.
  3. This does not mean to say that you eavesdrop on their conversation but rather that you take the pains to spend time with them.
  4. Learn to trust them, give them your full support in whatever they do and you will find them leaning towards you more and more when making up their minds about things. Trust and respect is reciprocal and will be given to you freely if you give it yourself.
  5. Learn about their culture and the changing trends. Read books, go on the internet, check out sites and learn about teens from newspapers and magazines.


  • Respect their privacy. If you have trusted them to be responsible for their activities then leave them alone but don’t forget about them. Keep a watch in a general way.
  • Remember, children respect and want rules and regulations; it is only when we suddenly come down heavily on them that they protest.


  • Don’t overdo the cool parent bit; it is not possible for you to metamorphose into a teenager, suddenly.