How to amuse and entertain your baby

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To amuse and entertain your baby can become quite a daunting task, especially if they fuss and cry and cling to you. Stay at home mothers constantly face the problem of getting the house work done or picking up the baby when he/ she wants company and needs to be entertained. After babies are four months old, they are old enough to recognize the mother’s voice and sound and are also sleeping less. They like company and a person’s presence, preferring to be talked to than play with the mobile. Here are some ideas to help you entertain yourself and your baby.

A few suggestions

  1. Leave the baby in a place where both of you are visible to each other while you work around the room cleaning and setting things right. Carry it from room to room as you do the house.
  2. Put the baby on the stomach near your feet, while you do the dishes or feed the washing machine. Check for anything dangerous around on which the baby might choke or cut itself. Give the baby a small toy (maybe a rattle) which the baby might bang on the floor while it crawls about.
  3. Record your voice talking to the baby and play it when you are doing work. It should keep a baby amused for at least fifteen to thirty minutes.
  4. Dance with the baby. Play soft music and move gently. The music and the movement will soothe a cranky baby and calm him/ her down.
  5. Carry your baby in snuggle bag while you work. A baby recognizes by smell and sound and the heartbeats of a mother are the sweetest music to an infant’s ears.


  • Give the baby a massage. In most traditional societies (like India) all infants are given an oil massage at least twice or thrice a day. It relaxes the baby and facilitates digestion.


  • Don’t jog or shake the baby too hard in an attempt to pacify it.