Home repair

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Home repair is something one does to arrest the decay of their property and to keep a check on the damage that may have been done through neglect. Therefore, repainting, any sort of fixing, repairing leaks, and replacing broken fixtures constitute home repairs. Most repairs are do it yourself (DIY) kind of things but sometimes, just occasionally home owners need to call in the professionals.

Home repair and home improvement

Although sometimes they are used interchangeably and every now and then good repairs will definitely improve homes, home repair and home improvement are two different terms with two different meanings. If extensive repairs need to be carried out to make a house livable then it makes better sense to opt for home improvement. Such repairs may cost a lot of money, and if they are carried out to maintain an obsolete and out of date system it may well play false again.

Types of repairs

  1. Basic repairs include replacing old and fused bulbs, old batteries, throwing out the garbage or cleaning the bursting vacuum cleaner bag. Replacing leaky gutter pipes or unclogging the sinks is another simple repair job but some repairs may require expert advice and help.
  2. When things get broken or worn out, sometimes it makes better sense to replace them and get new things but occasionally a broken window-pane or a hole in a dry wall or plaster peel off can be handled by the home handyman himself. Yet some emergency situations like a broken door lock or a leaky bathroom pipe or an overflowing overhead water tank may require expert help.
  3. Home maintenance forms part of home repairs. To keep things in perfect working order, they need to be looked after and serviced from time to time. Floors and furniture need to be waxed, refrigerator needs to be cleaned, carpets require steam washing and the lawn needs to be mowed. All this and more besides needs to be done to keep the home running on well oiled wheels.