Football (soccer)

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Football, also know as soccer is played by eleven players per each respective team, and there are two teams that are competing against one another. This is a sport that is popular in Europe and in Central and South America. The game, or match is decided by the number of goals that are scored from the beginning through to the end.

World Cup

The pinnacle of the game of football is the World Cup. No other sporting event is watched by as many or as closely. There are literally millions that will watch this one game and root for one team or the other. The only country that isn’t as avid of a fan is perhaps the United States, as they view American Football as the more dominant sport.

Seventeen laws

There are seventeen laws that are the official Laws of the Game. The same Laws are designed to apply to all levels of football, although certain alterations for groups such as juniors, seniors or women are allowed.

The Laws are often framed in broad terms, which allow flexibility in their application depending on the nature of the game. The IFAB also has decisions and other directives that contribute to the regulation of the game. These Laws can be found on the official FIFA website.

These laws are in reference to all positions, except for one position that is named specifically which is the goalie or goalkeeper.


For the professional level there is no other sport that has evoked as much passion and attention as football has. On a professional level millions watch the matches and hope for their respective teams victory.

This has been a unifying factor in numerous countries and nationalities. The only sport that gains this attention in any level is basketball, but there is no competition between the two. Football is the dominant sport in the world.