Dubai Internet City

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Dubai Interney City is a free trade zone designed for information technology firms, it is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai Internet City prides in being the largest information technology park in the Middle East, it is located 25 kilometres south of Dubai on the road towards Abu Dhabi, in United Arab Emirates. The facilities offered are more than impressive. Beside the free zone status assigned, it also has many numerous technical facilities such as the Internet Protocol Telephony system, which is the biggest commercial system of such type in the world.

It has around 5500 inhabitants working for the top technology corporations all over the world such as Microsoft, Sony Erricson, HP, Siemens, Cisco, Oracle to name just a few. The experiment proved such a succesful one that to this moment it is considered a leader in the outsourcing movement. The markets that these companies try to cover from this point are mainly the Midle East, the Indian subcontinent and Africa. These in themselves are seen as the markets with the most prospective chances of explosive growth in the context that the western world has almost reached a saturation status regarding technology markets.

The businesses in this area consist mostly but not only from: software development, e-commerce, consultancy, sales and marketing and back office services (such as call centers).

Dubai Internet City also puts a heavy accent on following the most strict legislation intelectual property (copyright) while providing all the facilities associated with a free zone trade (tax free and capital repatriation).