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The word Drink may be used as a verb where it means ‘to take in liquids’ or as a noun where it implies a beverage. It also refers to alcoholic beverages in particular.

A beverage is a liquid meant for consumption by humans. It may be natural like water or specially prepared like a squash or whisky. Water is an essential of life and hence all types of beverages are extremely popular.

Some foods are of varying consistencies and are labeled food or drink based on its thickness. Some common examples are soups and yogurts. They may be drunk or eaten with a spoon.


Some popular beverages are listed below :

  • Water – This is the most popular as humans cannot survive without water for more than a few days. There are two main types : tap water and bottled water.
  • Juice – Drunk for their high nutritious value, juices are mainly of two types : fruit juice and vegetable juice. They are also called healthy drinks.
  • Soft Drinks – Various types of soft drinks are found in the market. Some common examples are lemonade, orange drink, aguas frescas and carbonated drinks. Carbonated drinks are available in various flavors promoted by different brands. Examples are cola, ginger ale, root beer, cream soda, energy drink, kofola and irn bru.
  • Dairy drinks – These are milk based and available in different flavors like aaalmond milk, egg nog, chocolate milk, horchata and yogurt drink.
  • Alcoholic beverages – These include whiskey, rum, beer, vodka, brandy etc.
  • Cocktails – Mixed drinks. They are usually mixed with some form of alcohol.
  • Hot beverages – These include tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot cider etc.
  • Squash – This is fruit syrup concentrate mixed with water
  • Sports drinks
  • Peppermint tea