Coffee brewing

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Getting the perfect cup of coffee is not often too easy. A lot of times, it is scorched or the grinds don't get brewed long enough. In the United States, millions of people commence their day with a standard cup of black coffee. Some of us prefer their coffee black, others like to have sugar and cream, but numerous recipes and a good choice of coffee beans are needed to have a more pleasurable coffee experience.



Caffeine is the leading ingredient in coffee; an ingredient that increases our senses and invigorates our body. Keep in mind, to create your specific favorite cup of coffee you have to to know the basics. It all begins with the bean. Unlike teas, there is just about an unlimited variety and amount of coffee beans that are found all around the world.

Arabica coffee

Beans are developed and grown in South America, Africa, Asia and various other places. Although you can buy coffee beans that have ben previously ground, the best cup of coffee is made from freshly roasted beans. The Arabica coffee plant gives us one of the most well loved coffee beans across the globe. Many coffee experts propose using the Arabica coffee bean for an excellent gourmet coffee. The Arabica bean is known to be exceptional in quality when compared to almost all other types of coffee beans. Next to the Arabica bean, the Robusta is also a very practical type of coffee bean. If you usually prefer a higher caffeine content in combination with a more acidic taste, then the Robusta coffee bean is ideal for you. It is also pretty inexpensive and will save you cash when brewing your personal gourmet coffee.

Roasting coffee

After you have chosen the correct coffee bean it should be roasted at the perfect temperature. If it happens not to be roasted correctly, the beans often lose their taste and freshness. A perfectly roasted coffee bean batch brings out rich and full flavors. Their are two methods of roasting coffee: light and dark roast. Lightly roasted coffee beans retain their unique, original, and natural taste. Darkly roasted coffee beans unearth the taste of the actual roasting, instead of the natural taste of the bean itself.

Bean freshness

Once the correct coffee bean and style of roast has been chosen, one needs to remember to always grind the coffee beans right before brewing the coffee which helps keep the freshness of the beans.

Gourmet coffees

Now that you have found your personal favorite type of coffee bean, selected your kind of roast and ground the coffee, you hold several recipes to make a gourmet coffee. Recipes include alcoholic drinks, cakes, ice cream, desserts, and of course, coffee drinks. Coffee is a many-sided ingredient in various recipes. Keep in mind, if you want just the coffee, you can make mochas, iced coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, and my choice, Irish coffee.