Coach (sport)

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A coach in sports is an individual that is involved in the instruction and control of the operations of an athlete or group of athletes in training. Coaches employ strategies and tactics during games and training sessions to best use and improve the qualities of the players. The coaches are usually versed in the sports that they are involved in and able to teacher and instruct players by use of their vast experience. The term coach is considered synonymous to the term manager in the United States and in other countries to the term director. Coaches are often assisted by a group of individuals called the coaching staff. Coaches are considered to be one of the reasons for successful results in the sporting world.


In professional sports coaches can also fulfill the role of general manager. This gives additional duties to the portfolio of a coach which include recruitment, trading and contract negotiations. It is also seen in coaches that work in schools that there is the responsibility of teaching the rules and tactics of the sport to the players. The teaching carried out by coaches can be specialized into one area requiring different coaches for different skills or may be done as a group. Coaches in recent years have commanded high salaries as they become more famous than the players they coach.


Coaching techniques are normally taught to coaches in sessions called coaching clinics. These are normally administered by prominent or high profile coaches it the sport in question. Most coaching philosophies today promote the use of positive feedback in order to get good results. Many coaching techniques are passed along from generation to generation through coaches and their assistants. All coaches in college sports engage in professional development activities but this is not found in the professional coaches as they have not developed into any formalized group.