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Bibliography is the study and description of books. There are two types, enumerative and analytical. An enumerative, or systematic, bibliography is a list of books categorized by author, by subject, by location, by the time period published or as having been mentioned in a particular work. The later is often referred to as a reference list. An analytical, or critical, bibliography is the critical study of a book as an object. There are three types of analytical bibliography, descriptive, historical and textual. Textual bibliographies are also referred to as textual criticisms.


There are a number of good resources, available on the Internet, for use in creating bibliographies. Some are commercial software, and some are free downloads, that help generate Harvard or APA style bibliographies.

  • That's Crazy Hot - Generate bibliographies.
  • - Build your personal bibliography database, online, for free.
  • NoodleTools - NoodleBib, the MLA and APA bibliography composer.
  • The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
  • Harvard Reference Generator
  • Inflight Referencer - commercial software program that is capable of generating Harvard and APA style bibliographies
  • Author Bibliographies
  • myBiblio citation creator
  • EasyBib
  • Internet Research Scout – A commercial browser plug-in that is able to generate bibliographies.