Beauty salon

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A beauty salon is location that people go to in order to receive beauty treatments or to purchase beauty products.


Related terms

A hairdresser or hairstylist typically works in a beauty salon. These are frequently visited by women; men more commonly attend to their personal care needs in a barbershop, where a barber cuts their hair and gives them a shave.

The business

According the Service Annual Survey of the Bureau of Census, the United States hair, nail and skin care industry reached 25.3 billion dollars in revenues in 2001. The growing popularity of day spas (where people can go for beauty treatments, massages and to purchase full-day beauty treatment packages) can be attributed to this rise.

Salons must rent space in which to operate and staff usually depends on the services offered, but typically includes several stylists and a receptionist. Many stylists are not employed by the salon owner but rather “rent a chair” to operate in association with the salons name. The stylist pays the owner a cut of profits in addition to a monthly fee.

Services offered

Beauty salons offer a variety of services, including:

  • Hair: cuts, trims and style, highlights and coloring, weaving, hair treatments, relaxers, perms, shampoo, coloring, curling, etc.
  • Nails: manicures, pedicures, sculpted nails, polish, repair, conditioning.
  • Skin: waxing, facials and massage.
  • Sale of products: Many salons offer top-of-the-line beauty products that cannot be bought elsewhere. These include shampoos, conditioners and styling products.
  • Spa services: scrubs, skin lightening, body and herbal wraps, massage or aromatherapy, derma abrasion, blemish or stretch mark treatments, anti-aging treatments, makeup consultation and application, facials, polishing and anti-acne treatments.

Salon suppliers

Some popular suppliers to beauty salons include:

  • Decleor.
  • MD Formulations.
  • Jessica.
  • Crystal Clear.