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In a literal sense, a bathroom is a room with a bath. The more general meaning, ’a room where a person bathes’, makes more sense. Depending the cultural context it is used in, it may have slightly different meanings. When attached to a bedroom, it is often called an en-suite, and when attached to a master bedroom, it is generally referred to as a master bathroom.

Cultural differences

In the United States, a bathroom usually means a room with a toilet, as opposed to a bathtub, which may or may not be present. In other countries, this is usually called a toilet, or alternatively a water closet, or lavatory. A half bath usually contains a toilet and a sink. A ¾ bath usually contains a toilet, a sink, and a shower. The term full bath is generally reserved for a bathroom with a toilet, a sink, and a full bathtub.

Bathroom design

Bathrooms can be a source of decorative inspiration. One can easily decorate the bathroom by choosing shower curtains, accessories, or cubicles to match a theme. The bed and bath industry in the United States is always growing, creating entire stores devoted to these items. Often, bathroom design is about utilizing small spaces. Racks, hooks, and cabinets that hang on the walls are often used, as are showers instead of bathtubs, in tight spaces. In more spacious bathrooms, luxury may be the goal. Elaborate tub and shower desings are readily available, as well as heat lamps, heated floors, or heated towel racks.