Astrology and alchemy

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Astrology and alchemy are inextricably linked. Astrology is a form of divination that deals with forecasting the future by analyzing the positions and movements of heavenly bodies. Alchemy, on the other hand, is an ancient art whose main aim is to convert ordinary metals into more precious ones like gold or silver. It also involved experimentation to create a stone that ensured immortality.

Isaac Newton, one of the pioneers of modern physics, was also a famous alchemist. Alchemy is a combination of physics, chemistry, metallurgy, medicine, astrology and the mystic sciences. Hence it can be safely assumed that Isaac Newton had an in depth knowledge of alchemy and linked it to his study of physics and astrology. It follows that in order to practice alchemy, a sound knowledge of astrology is required. All alchemists of that era were definitely familiar with the close relationship that existed between astrology and alchemy.

Modern science today considers most of alchemy to be completely worthless and further studies to prove its relevance as a futile exercise. Nevertheless, modern day astrologers do acknowledge its significance and continue to use it in their studies and predictions.

Planets and their corresponding metals

According to ancient knowledge, each of the known seven planets ruled a specific metal. The planets and their corresponding metals are given below :

  1. Sun – Gold
  2. Moon – Silver
  3. Mercury – Quicksilver (also known as mercury)
  4. Venus – Copper
  5. Mars – Iron
  6. Jupiter – Tin
  7. Saturn – Lead

With the advent of time, three new planets were discovered. Traditional thinkers refused to form any association but modern western astrology credits them rulership of the following metals :

  1. Uranus – Uranium
  2. Neptune – Neptunium
  3. Pluto – Plutonium